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In 2020, where will your business be? Where will you be?

50% of businesses today will not exist in 10 years.

Are you engaging with your customers more often than your competition does?

85% of the buyer’s journey is completed virtually, digitally, online.

How much do you believe your business is worth? How much IS it worth?

1,000,000 small businesses come on the market for sale each year; 25% are sold. Only 33% of those businesses are sold at the owner’s desired valuation.

Is your business ready for 2020? Are you?

80% of business owners don’t have a plan, and for the 20% that do, most don’t have the resources to execute.

Don’t get caught without a plan.

M1 helps you build an asset of greater value.

Optimize your toolbox.


Creating a strong and carefully crafted message is key to explaining your brand.

M1 develops targeted content to enable you to reach your ideal customer.


Creating excitement about your business will differentiate you from the crowd.

M1 utilizes the latest digital platforms to give you that extra edge.


Creating captivating visual messages that are easily digestible will invoke an immediate, emotional connection and call to action.

M1 produces video content that will leave a lasting impression with your customers.


Leveraging online communities will create conversations and build direct relationships with customers.

M1 utilizes the latest advances of the digital & social world to connect you with your customers.


Optimizing search engine results and measuring your results are key to tracking and improving the digital experience to convert your visitors into valuable customers.

M1 fine-tunes your digital presence to drive more traffic and generate more leads.

Take action. Now.

Assess | Strategize | Plan

Building a great growth, revenue and profit story requires a critical view of your business performance.

M1 develops and implements the strategy, processes and procedures to ensure that your business is performing at maximum efficiency.

Retain | Expand

Existing customers are the cornerstone of your growth.

M1 broadens your relationships with your existing customers to build long-term recurring revenue.

Measure | Manage | Optimize

Constant analysis of your KPIs along with the necessary adjustments is the only way to achieve your business’ long-term goals.

M1’s KPI Dashboard for Small Business™ is an easy and effective tool that provides real-time insights about your business so you can make the right decisions to maximize your growth.


New business from new customers is the lifeblood of your growth story.

M1 will enable you to take your business to new heights by developing sales campaigns to generate leads, convert those leads into opportunities, and convert those opportunities into new business.

Mitigate risk. Maximize return.

Lead | Drive | Execute

Newly created value opens the door to limitless possibilities for you and your business.

M1 will lead your team of trusted advisors to help you make the best decisions to mitigate risk and maximize the valuation of your business.

Helping companies build an asset of greater value.